I am interested in developing engaging, creative, and effective pedagogical practices that are also informed by egalitarian and anti-authoritarian principles. Below I provide some of the materials that I use in my classes, a list of the courses I have taught, and the syllabi for those courses.


I sometimes have students write four-sentence papers. Here is my handout introducing this assignment. I have also experiemented with assessing this assignment using the levels system.

Here is my more general guide to writing critical philosophy papers.

Courses Taught and Developed

Victoria University of Wellington

PHIL202 Ethics (2024). Syllabus.

PHIL449 Political Philosophy (2023). Syllabus.

PHIL104 Minds, Brains, and Persons (co-taught with Chloe Wall 2023). Reading List.

Brooklyn College

Introduction to the Problems of Philosophy (2015, 2016, 2017). Syllabus.

Business Ethics (2017, 2018). Syllabus.


I have received training in the pedagocial practices associated with the Writing Across the Curriculum movement.